Fire Autonomous Extinguishers

The automatic fire extinguishing system is a simple technology for automatically detecting and extinguishing fire starts, which works by definition without any human intervention.

The role of an automatic fire extinguishing system is:

  • Detect
  • Give the alarm
  • Extinguish or at least contain a start of fire
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  • The Firetrex© is a simple system which detects and automatically extinguishes outbreaks of fire.
  • It is completely autonomous and requires no external energy to operate. It is therefore ideal to meet the requirements of ATEX zones.
  • Each valve is fitted with a dry contact which can override a part of the system (e.g. cut off the power, shut down the machine, ventilation, etc...)
  • This system includes a tank of extinguishing agent fitted with a special valve and a flexible detection tube.
  • The flexible sensor tube holds a pressure of between 15 to 18 bars and is made from a high tech polymer which is resistant to long-term leakage.
  • It has been tested on over 200 food, chemical and natural products in order to ascertain its resistance.
  • It can withstand up to a 28 bars burst pressure.

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