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Since 1981, the Eurofeu Group manufactures a complete fire extinguishers range "Origine France Garantie" cartridge-type and stores pressure. The Eurofeu extinguishers covers all the risks encountered, whatever your client activity.

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Environmentally-friendly additive - Eurofeu

3-6-9 L

  • Water spray with environmentally-friendly additive
  • Bioremediation agent
  • Depolluting agent

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Stored pressure - Eurofeu

The EXPER Range (1-2KG, 3L, 4KG, 6-9KG/L, 12KG : BSI Mark only)

  • Removable manometer


The only extinguisher with an external additive module.

The PERFEX Range (1-2KG, 3L, 6-9KG/L : VKF AEAI Mark only)

  • Diffuser in the colour corresponding to the extinguishing agent
  • Manometer used to check that the device is constantly under pressure

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Cartridge-type fire extinguisher - Eurofeu

The AFREX Range (6-9 KG/L)

  • Plastic handle
  • Pistol grip hose with 360° action for optimum firefighting capability
  • Cartridge puncture by lifting
  • Personalisation via slide valve, nozzle and base

The AREX Range (6-9 KG/L : BSI Mark only)

  • Plastic handle
  • Standard nozzle
  • Cartridge striking by lifting

The SPIT Range (6-9 KG/L)

  • Strong injury-proof metal handle
  • Pistol grip hose with 360° action for optimum firefighting capability
  • Cartridge striking by lowering
  • Cartridge striking immediately visible via indicator
  • Personalisation via slide valve nozzle and base

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The EUREXTREM Range (6-9 KG/L)

  • Anti-corrosion and non-magnetic treatment
  • Electrophoretic painted aluminium stopper
  • Body, handle and transport bracket with surface preparation and polyester coating

The CO2 Range - Eurofeu

The CO2 Range (2, 5, 10, 20KG : BSI Mark only)

  • Aluminium or lightweight steel body

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