Certifications and labels

As one of the market leaders in fire safety, the Eurofeu group is keen to ensure its customers have complete confidence in its significant level of expertise.

The "origine france garantie" label

Eurofeu is the first manufacturer of extinguishers to obtain the "Origine France Garantie".

This label enables French products to be quickly and easily identified by consumers in France and internationally, by providing clear, reviewed information on traceability. It also promotes and helps maintain the expertise of small-scale and industrial manufacturers, and protects their identity and values.

ISO 14001 certification

The ISO 14001 standard relates to environmental management and offers reassurance to consumers with environmental concerns. It is based on the principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance by managing the impact of the group's operations.

It provides a benchmark for assessing Eurofeu's contribution to environmental pollution and therefore provides visibility on the corrective strategy which should be adopted.

The Eurofeu group has begun the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification in a series of stages and is currently awaiting confirmation of whether it has met stage 3 requirements.

ISO 9001 certification

Eurofeu SAS and our production plant in Senonches control all fire extinguisher manufacturing processes.

It is ISO 9001 certified for the design, manufacture, sale and distribution of firefighting equipment and components. The production unit is also certified for the design and manufacture of fire instructions and plans.

Eurofeu Services is ISO 9001 certified for the sale of firefighting equipment and components, fire training, installation and maintenance of extinguishers, installation and maintenance of fire hose reels, installation and maintenance of natural smoke extraction systems, and installation of automatic fire detection systems.

International certifications

Our portable extinguishers are recognised at European and international level and feature the following well-known certification marks:

The NF Certification

The NF Mark is for consumers the guarantee of a quality and safety of the product.

This mark guarantees:

• compliance of the product with French, European and international regulations

• the conformity of the product with additional quality and safety criteria set according to the nature of the product.

These criteria are defined between the public authorities, the industrialists, the distributors, the consumer associations and the associations of protection of the environment.

The mark is granted after verification by an accredited independent body: AFNOR Certification. This independent and impartial body then carries out regular checks.


The CE Marking

The CE Marking : To be authorized for sale in European Union countries, certain products are subject to regulations resulting from European harmonization directives. These regulations impose safety, health or environmental standards for the manufacture of these products.

In this case, the CE marking (which indicates compliance with these standards) is mandatory.

The GS Mark

The GS mark is a voluntary mark which certifies the compliance of certain products with technical safety requirements and standards set out in German law under the "Geräteund Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG)" act of 06/01/2004 on safety of work equipment and consumer products.



The BENOR Mark

BENOR is a known and recognised quality mark in Belgium. It is operated and supervised by those involved, including private and public clients, producers of certified materials, contractors, architects, insurance companies, R&D firms, project developers, collaborative research centres, and independent inspection and certification bodies.


The BSI Mark

BSI (British Standards Institution) is the business standards company which equips companies with the necessary solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence. The BSI standards are underpinned by a collaborative and rigorous approach honed over decades, working with industry experts, government bodies, trade associations, businesses of all sizes and consumers to develop the standards for excellence.




The Association des Etablissements cantonaux d'Assurance Incendie (Swiss Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers, AEAI) is the centre of expertise and services for cantonal fire insurers for national and international work in the area of prevention. The fire protection requirements aim to protect people, animals and property against the dangers and effects of fires and explosions.



Eurofeu Services is certified for its extinguisher installation and maintenance services (regulation I4-NF285).

Certificate no. 040/06/04-285. Marks issued by the CNPP and AFNOR Certification.


Eurofeu Services is certified by APSAD for the following services:

  • The installation compliance checking and maintenance service for fire hose reels (regulation J5/F5). Certification No. 010/02/J5.F5 issued by the CNPP.
  • The installation and maintenance service for natural smoke extraction systems (regulation I17/F17). Certification No. 041/10/I17.F17 issued by the CNPP.
  • The installation service for fire detection systems and fire control panels (regulation I7). Certification No. 269/15/I7 issued by the CNPP.


In 2011, Eurofeu became the first company on the fire safety market to be presented with an award at one of the sector's trade shows, receiving recognition for its exclusive innovation – its extinguisher with 100% eco-friendly additive.


At the 2012 Expoprotection trade show, Eurofeu won another award for its extinguisher with eco-friendly additive – still the only product of its kind on the market.


In 2014, the Eurofeu group was awarded two honours – for firefighting and fire training.

Firefighting | Creation of the EXPER +, the only extinguisher in the world equipped with an external additive container. It provides a means of ensuring effective maintenance of the extinguisher without completely dismantling it and prolonging the life of the additive. All this helps save resources and protect the environment.

Fire training | With another pioneering idea, the Eurofeu group developed mobile training units accessible to everyone (persons with reduced mobility and wheelchair users).




With a customer base of more than 86,000 direct customers in France and nearly 500 dealers internationally, the Eurofeu group continues to grow to ensure it remains a market leader in fire safety.



As one of the market leaders in fire safety, the Eurofeu group is keen to ensure its customers have complete confidence in its significant level of expertise.



Since it was founded in 1972 by Nicole and Michel Lahouati, the rise of Eurofeu has been down to a commitment to progress among every one of its employees.