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Since 2013, the Eurofeu group has made environmental considerations an integral part of its work in order to reduce its impact on the environment and has strived to reconcile the requirements of the company with a commitment to protecting the environment. We are currently awaiting confirmation of whether we have met the stage 2 requirements of certification.

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In order to bring its environmental values to its customers, the group has developed a range of cartridge-type extinguishers, ideal in ensuring optimal safety for the user. Its non-corrosive, non-toxic 100% plant-based additive is the result of an exclusive innovation recognised by numerous awards and honours. It is able to biodegrade 98% in twelve days.

A great opportunity to combine environmental protection, safety and aesthetics.


In order to protect the environment at our customers' premises during visits, our Training department is equipped with a fleet of training vehicles fitted with a system for recovering waste water after use of the extinguishing equipment.

The "Euro 6" emissions standard also requires a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions per kilometre covered. To meet the requirements of this standard, the tractor units for our mobile "CAPSI" (Fire Safety Learning and Knowledge Improvement Centre) training units boast improved performance and have an emissions control system which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 20%.

REORGANISATION OF THE VEHICLE FLEET | There are around sixty vehicles in the Training department's dedicated vehicle fleet. As part of an increased focus on environmental responsibility in relation to the development of the group, we have increased the number of local logistics platforms by designating one branch in each geographical area to be a local hub. The aim is to reduce the distances covered each year and demonstrate effective environmental action.


Improved use of raw materials during the production process:

The production unit uses two different machines in the treatment of its extinguisher bodies – one for treating the outer surface of the body (stage 1) and a second for the inside of the body (stage 2).

Calcium carbonate is propelled at high speed during the process, resulting in the loss of raw materials and thus excessive use of toxic products. As part of its commitment to reducing its use of chemical and toxic products, Eurofeu has introduced a system for recovering lost material at stage 1 so that it can be reused at stage 2.

We clean the serigraph screens using solvent which becomes contaminated with the inks after use. This solvent is recovered by a material recycling specialist which has a contract with us to reprocess our products and return them to us. Eurofeu thus reduces its use of pure solvents in favour of recycled solvents.

Recycling of products, components and raw materials | ALL BRANDS

The Eurofeu group produces 580,000 extinguishers every year. Eurofeu's QHSE department reduces the group's impact on the environment.

Recovery of used extinguishers of all brands:

  • Extinguisher bodies,
  • Waste powder is collected and sent to be reused by an approved company in the manufacture of fertiliser,
  • Contaminated water and additives are stored then recycled by a reprocessing facility,
  • CO2 cartridges are reprocessed by one of our suppliers,
  • Plastic components and metals are collected and are reused, or energy is recovered from the waste, depending on the type of material.

Recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE): 


  • Lightbulbs (category 5 household WEEE),
  • Medical devices (category 8 commercial WEEE),
  • Monitoring and control instruments.
  • Lighting equipment.


Reuse of packaging

Our commitment to the environment has led us to introduce a policy aimed at recovering and reusing packaging.

  • Our packing boxes are manufactured using recycled products and are reused as much as possible,
  • Our pallets are reused as much as possible, and repaired and/or recycled by our supplier when they reach the end of their life.


Elise: environmental commitment right down to office supplies


The Eurofeu group is a partner of Elise, a company dedicated to collecting and recycling office paper and thus creating a business aiming to bring about sustainable employment.





Since 2012, the Eurofeu group's head office has recycled our ink cartridges through a company called Conibi. This is the first step of a process which will be rolled out across all our branches.

The first consortium dedicated to recycling companies' used print consumables.

Conibi was founded in January 2000. A pioneer in its field, it grew out of a shared commitment by the major international players in the printing sector to introduce a free solution for collecting and processing companies' used consumables.

This unprecedented arrangement made France the only European country to have a national organisation which includes the leading names in IT and office systems.

Driving positive change, the members and shareholders of the Conibi consortium are committed to raising awareness about waste sorting, increasing the volumes collected and developing suitable, effective recycling streams.

Since it was founded, Conibi has continually developed its practices, innovated and improved its performance in order to meet the needs of the 40,000 companies which use its services and to protect the environment.


The Fédération Française des Métiers de l’Incendie (FFMI, the French federation of fire professionals) and its eleven affiliated groups run ninety working groups and internal and external committees. It is a key partner for the public authorities in France and Europe and is committed to practical action. At the Eurofeu group, we share the values of the FFMI and have a significant input into the work carried out by its four trade associations, of which we are members.


This association was founded in Senonches in 2014. The Eurofeu group has placed special recycling bins around its head office and industrial site to collect small plastic bottle caps and container lids, which are then passed to the association. The association's volunteers do a considerable amount of work – taking delivery of the lids, sorting them, removing the labels and any cardboard which may be inside. The lids are then cleaned, crushed, melted down and turned into plastic pellets ready to be used again. Proceeds from the sale go to disabled people in Eure-et-Loir and the Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées (MDPH), the local disability information and advice centre. Find out more about the association


The APF, a national association working with disabled people, helped our teams design a mobile training unit tailored to the multiple needs of these individuals – the "CAPSI" (Fire Safety Learning and Knowledge Improvement Centre). This is a vehicle laid out and equipped for practising firefighting which has a fully flexible space in which targeted scenarios tailored to each company can be simulated.

The Eurofeu group is the first company on the market to make its mobile training units accessible to everyone and were thus awarded the EXPOPROTECTION innovation trophy in 2014.




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